Monday, October 03, 2005

Intro and supreme court nominee

Get out while you still can. There's no turning back. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)
Ok... I live in Edmond, OK, and work in Stillwater. Go Cowboys (far stretch this year). I have a wonderful wife, Becky, and 3 kids, 2 girls, 5&7, and a boy, 1. My life is mostly involved with computers and technology. I love to go stormchasing, play paintball, work on / fix things (mainly cars), and love science (mainly physics). I am a very analytic / logical person, but would consider myself a people person too. Now on to the stuff that is not so popular 'round here. I am a liberal, agnostic, debate loving, somewhat arrogant, philosophical person. Love me or hate me. On the political spectrum I am decently moderate, so you won't see me tying myself to any trees or anything, but I definitely think the war in Iraq is a BIG BIG mistake. I'll go into that later, heh.
Now for the news of the day. The new supreme court nominee, Harriet Miers. I actually think Bush has done a respectable job in choosing nominees, as I realize he can't pick candidates that are too moderate. I was fairly happy with John Roberts, time will tell, but I think he will be less conservative than Renquist. At this point not much is known about Harriet Miers. His pick could have been a lot worse, say a definite far right conservative. Being that she has been in Bush's camp a long time, I have to worry about her though. Bush knows her better than anyone else from a legal standpoint, and I question any unknown he would put up. Plus she's a lawyer from Texas, and woman's advocate or not, that's bad from a Roe v. Wade perspective. We'll see what the coming week brings.
A colleague at work made this comment: "She does look like a Pit Bull in size 6 shoes." heh.
Bumper sticker of the day: "A mind is like a parachute: it has to be open to work"

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Shaown said...

Harriet seems like she "might" be a decent choice. But then again, it might just be he needs a justice in hist pocket in case we ever have to indict him..