Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life's small changes

After working for more than 8 years for the City of Stillwater, I have accepted an offer from the City of Edmond. I found it hard to make that decision, even though I will now be living 3 miles from work instead of 50, and the pay will be better. I guess after that much time, I just got very comfortable where I was, plus I truly enjoyed my work, especially lately. However, I am excited to start my new job, as it is mainly network administration, an area of IT I haven't been able to keep up on as much as I'd like. I'll miss everyone in Stillwater, but I'm sure I'll visit from time to time. QQ
On another note, I put up a MySpace page, as it seems it's more than just a site for teenage girls. I have reconnected with some old high school alumni, and I'm sure more friends will show up as I look for fellow storm chasers, co-workers, etc. It looks like it might be a decent place for professional networking too in the future.
Here's to looking forward!