Friday, March 30, 2007

Gotta laugh

I gotta laugh when I go to the TX panhandle to catch a few tornados one day, then the next day there's a tornado just miles from my house, and I don't know about it until it's been on the ground. It even went within 1/2 a mile of my in-laws house, and leveled a shed that stored their horse feed and some equipment. I'm happy that more damage was not done. Oh well, I guess no one was ready for it, as there was no watch, and I have seen no video of it either, just pictures from residents in that area.
Now on to today. It's all dependent on how much things clear off, and how much destabilization we have. All the other factors look good for a good chase day. I'm waiting the morning out to see how things look.

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Tim Foster said...

Hey Hans,
That tornado caught everyone off guard. I saw something on radar about an hour before it hit and that made me wonder why we were not in some type of watch. I also think it was interesting that the sirens did not go off until after the tornado had touched down. I feel that no matter how much technology we get there will still be times when these things sneak up on us.