Friday, June 22, 2007

Season is over

I had a decent season, considering we saw very few tornadoes in central OK. I have at least 3 on video, and maybe 1-2 more. I haven't had time to comb through all the footage. The probe needs a little work, as the clutch on the A/C blew out on one of my last chases. No biggie, I have another to replace it, just need the time to work on it. I'll try to get a recap out soon, but I have a few projects to take care of first.
Speaking of which, I just recently installed Microsoft's new RC of Windows Home Server. This is going to turn out to be a nice product, and I'm a little excited about it. Basically it's a very stripped version of their Small Business Server, and serves the purpose of mainly providing daily backups of all PCs on your home network as well as providing storage for all your media, especially shared media. It will also allow you to access your media and remote into your computers via a website you can easily set up (for the RC, the site is
That's all nice in and of itself, but the part I'm fairly excited about is that your can get/write custom add-ins for it. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for expansion. Add-ins are just starting to come out, and already I've seen add-ins to customize the web content that is published, stream the media on it to anywhere you log into it (including the Internet), stream the media to mobile phones, online photo albums, syncing albums with a Flickr account, backing up content to online data stores, and more. Sooooo many possibilities. I look forward to playing with it more.
By the way, I've noticed blogger has a much improved interface for spell checking, and an auto-save feature that is sure to save a lot of people some frustration.


Steve Miller said...
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Steve Miller said...

don't forget to set up your blackberry for photo blogging.