Friday, January 09, 2009

Mental Break

Long time, no blog... The end to the trip to Cali was a pain in the ass, and I will not be flying United again unless I absolutely have to. The gallery is having some technical issues I haven't had time to work out yet (catching up on Linux, and getting Imagemagick to work properly), but will be finished soon. Speaking of technical notes, I've played with phpBB 3.0 this week and love the new features. I installed it for the work intranet, and the ldap (active directory) integration works nicely.
Upcoming events; looking forward to the trip to the National Storm Chaser Convention in Denver. I've made more attempts to social network this year, and am getting excited to put more faces to names in addition to the technical aspects of the convention.
Miller's Redneck New Years celebration was a blast, literally, as it always is. Apparently I continue to boggle minds with the speed at which I can process alcohol. I will say that the party is a lot more fun when you're only buzzed.
I'm also determined to get back in shape. I hit 195, and 200 is my freak out limit. So I've started working out every morning, alternating jogging and weight training. With my and Becky's busy schedules the only time to go is in the morning before work, which means I've also committed to going to bed at a decent time (10 or 11).
Yeah, I'm sure everyone wanted to know all that, but I'm just getting caught up - so deal.

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