Saturday, October 11, 2008

The details

OSU just screwed up all Missouri's stats during the game.  Right from the start, OSU stopped Missouri from a scoring initial drive, which they have done all season, and forced them to go for the field goal.  Shortly after that, OSU lead the game for a good amount of time, and Missouri had only been in that position for, I believe, 17 seconds against Illinois at the start of their year.  They were in the trailing position for most of the game.  Then, the Cowboys forced the Tigers to go 3 and out for the first time all season, and the Tigers only made 2 out of 9 3rd down conversions all game.  Daniel, the Tiger's QB, had only had one interception all year...  3 this game.  Our defense has really come out in the past 2 games, and I really don't see it being ranked anywhere near as low as it was previously, we'll see.  If they can keep it up, I honestly see us having not only a good year, but a "where did they come from?" year.  I'm a happy man, especially since my wife just brought home some leftover filet from Mahogany Steakhouse.   Mmmmmmmm...  Go Cowboys!


Shane Adams said...

You guys definitely have a shot at a historic year. You need to beat Texas and remain undefeated until we meet in late November. If we can both run the table between now and then, it could set up a showdown in Stillwater for the Big 12 title and (possibly) a national title shot.

Steve Miller said...

More important than one of the biggest wins in O-State history, you let your wife got to Mahogany without you?

Chasing Hans said...

She took mom-in-law there as a thank you... My turn is at the end of the month for 6 years. ;)