Saturday, October 11, 2008


I just finished watching the OSU v Missouri Game. One of the best games I have ever watched. The heart is pumping, I have been yelling and cheering, and the kids now bleed pure orange. A majority of the guys at work are Sooner fans, and sorry to say, they didn't fair so well today. This means the office is going to be an awkward place on Monday. I know at least 2 are going to be in a VERY foul mood, which means making sure I don't smile toooo much. ;) After today, I truly believe we can be OU at the end of the season, and, dare I say it, could there be a national championship game in our future? I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, but wow, it's a possibility. All I know is that some people will be eating crow for giving me crap about saying OSU was going to beat Missouri today. Truly though, I wish OU had pulled through, it would have made for a much more festive day, and me shoveling a lot more crow.

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