Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sooo much to discuss

First, the new nominee for the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito. You can probably guess where my view of this is going. Now I'm not going to prejudge him, or say that the Senate democrats should filibuster, but many of the past rulings I've read concern me. Again, we'll see where this takes us, I'm sure I'll have much more commentary on it.
This leads us into the next subject: the far right pushing out Meirs' nomination. This gets me a little heated. I hadn't even made up my mind about her yet, and certainly we hadn't found out enough about her yet, to make any decisions. But the ultra conservative / Christian right thought she was too much of a gamble and put the pressure on. Whether she withdrew her nomination or was asked to withdraw it is pretty much irrelevant, in that it was the end result of that pressure (I guess it matters a little as to whether it was Bush that caved or her, but not really to the current subject). It just irks me that ...

I wish I had time to go into futher depth... I am seriously concerned about the direction the Supreme Court is headed.