Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chase Day Today

Yeah... Don't you hate when work gets in the way. All the best laid plans fell by the wayside due to a heavy workload. Life goes on.
Tomorrow looks like the first classic setup of the season. I'll be heading out with Steve Miller and Aaron Tuttle - should be a fun time. I still think NAM has the front a little farther south than it will end up. Head too far south and the lower level helicity won't be as good, nor will LCLs. My target for tomorrow - Vici, OK. Best time frame - 7 pm to dark. After dark will still be favorable, but storms will likely be HP, so no fun to chase. We will probably head west on I-40 around 1 pm or so. Sorry for the poor torn graphic... It's late and I'm using a touchpad. :)

Another note, I have been on 4 chases so far this year, my apologies for not posting chase accounts. I'll reiterate them in the coming week.