Friday, March 30, 2007

Gotta laugh

I gotta laugh when I go to the TX panhandle to catch a few tornados one day, then the next day there's a tornado just miles from my house, and I don't know about it until it's been on the ground. It even went within 1/2 a mile of my in-laws house, and leveled a shed that stored their horse feed and some equipment. I'm happy that more damage was not done. Oh well, I guess no one was ready for it, as there was no watch, and I have seen no video of it either, just pictures from residents in that area.
Now on to today. It's all dependent on how much things clear off, and how much destabilization we have. All the other factors look good for a good chase day. I'm waiting the morning out to see how things look.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A few tidbits from yesterday

Here are two pics I took yesterday, one of the back lit tornado towards the end of my shooting it, the other of some hail that had been on the ground about 10-15 minutes (the stuff I managed to avoid). I'll try to grab some video stills, as the tornado was more photogenic then.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First catch of the season

I caught what is possibly the best torn of all my chases today near Memphis TX. I would have liked to blog more during this chase, but that' s hard to do when you are chasing solo. Right now I'm on my way back to OKC. I got lucky, as many chasers I was with/near right after dusk got their windshields busted out by softball size hail. Thanks to Steve Miller OK for some great nowcasting, particularly at that critical moment. Got some video uploaded on the way home, we'll see how that turns out. I'll post pics of the hail, and maybe a short vid tomorrow. Night all.

Stacking up to be the first real chase

Looks like I will be heading west today to the TX/OK border, perhaps a bit further. I will firm up my target later this morning, but from the models I saw last night NW OK looks good to me. Tomorrow also looks like a possible chase day, even closer to home.