Saturday, March 11, 2006

Relatively relaxing day, it was. Seeing as how we (w/ Steve Miller (OK) and Bob Hall) stayed up till 3 forecasting and such, we woke up late this morning, having already decided we were going to chase. We started out heading for McKinney, to meet up with fellow chaser Steve Miller (TX). Seeing as how this was the first time we would meet him in person, I was somewhat worried of the consequences (we should all know what happens when matter and anti-matter collide). Seeing as how the city of McKinney is still there, I think things went well. Steve (TX) is just the character I had imagined him to be, witty as can be and good at what he does. After looking at data there, we decided to head north of the Red River, as that was our best chance for the day. Well, after shooting the, er, um, I'm tired, you know what we shot, for a couple hours, it became evident the cap was going to hold and the chance of anything going up was as wispy as the clouds. We said our goodbyes to Steve (TX), and headed back to Edmond for some BBQ.
Steve (OK) and Bob then headed back to Tulsa.
We'll see what tomorrow holds for where things start. The optimists are hoping for an I-35 corridor initiation, while the pessimists say it'll be in the land of the druids (nice reference Shane); pick your poison/model/forecaster... I'll just wait till tomorrow to decide if I'll head out.

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