Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I spent the holiday weekend cleaning up the garage, which led to enough workspace for me to work on the laptop platform for the probe (the platform that got destroyed 3 days after building it last spring). I also purchased a new head unit that has an aux input, which will allow me to input my ham radio and scanner (via a simple mixer I need to assemble). It will be nice not to have to strain to hear the radios when things get loud. In the past I have just had two external speakers attached to the radios, but one of the mounts for those got destroyed by my knee in the same accident that destroyed the laptop platform.
So basically the new storm probe is ready for chase season, although I have a few improvements to make (mixer, windshield camera mount, door camera mount, etc).
Speaking of... I may get a chance to put it to use this weekend, Saturday specifically. The way things look right now, I will be heading towards Tulsa (kinda vague this far out). We'll see, as it's very early in the season, and there's no telling where things will be a few days from now.

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