Saturday, February 24, 2007

I can hear!

... my ham radio in loud environments. I assembled the audio converter needed to convert the mono 1W speaker outputs of my radios to the line level stereo input on my head unit. Here is the schematic and a pic with the cover off.

I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, so when assembling it, I got a little too literal when reading my schematic. So now I have an extra output if I decide to port it somewhere else (just got my creative juices flowing about running a line to the laptop input to record it...). Anyway, now all I have left are the camera mounts.


Steve Miller said...

You could even get one of those tapeless recorders and input to that. Mine converts to MP3 and holds 7 hours of high quality audio. Think I will use it this year for the same type of purpose.

Oh, I almost forgot - you make me sick with your little projects that would have me banging my head against the wall. There, I said it.

Steve Miller TX said...

Nice Hans! Even though the schematic is total greek to me, it is still cool. Wanna help me build a doppler radar for my vehicle? ;-)