Friday, January 30, 2009

Content Hijacking

For the next month or two I will be posting about rebuilding my 98 Eclipse GST, with some standard content sprinkled in.  I had a rod bearing spin back in 2005 and parked it.  I decided late last year it was time to fix it and sell it, so I put a new rod bearing in and crossed my fingers.  No luck, as with most spun bearings, it did it again, which means replacing the rod and machining the crank.  I figure if I'm going to pull the engine, I might as well do it right and go for a complete rebuild.  Now I figure if I'm going to do that, I might as well keep it and put a few mods in along the way.  My current debate is whether to go with a 6 bolt block (used, a bit stronger) or stick with my 7 bolt.  The 7 bolt is good up to 350 HP, so I'm inclined to stick with it, at least for now.  Much more to come.
Second Topic:  This is a project I'm excited to see come out this year.  The features are the best I've seen yet, and this looks to be much less of a hassle than what we played with last year for streaming video.  For anyone interested, go to and read for more info.  They're even talking about a test tomorrow in prep for their launch.
Third topic: I'm really ready for the trip to Denver for the National Storm Chaser Convention.  It's like a hit for a junkie to tide me over till Spring.

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Dirk and Trish said...

Let us know if you head to Denver. We'd love to see you!